Satan Has Many Disguises

His name is Dale Dudley. He has been an Austin radio fixture for more years than anyone can recall. Most come across Dale’s work on their commute through the Austin area. They hear his flatulence jokes or similar sophomoric fare on their crawl to work. Few are aware that this is no mere shock-jock. Interlaced with the shallow humor, Dale suddenly switches topics and steers the discussion into his disdain for religion, support for homosexual behaviors or his utter disrespect for Governor Perry. The show then returns to a phone call or ill conceived comedy bit, but by another commercial break Dale once again exchanges humor for his corrupted politics and perverse values.

Pushing over 100,000 watts across the hills of Central Texas, this poison seeps into the suggestible ears of countless morning listeners. Good, Christian, blue collar denizens are lulled into Dale’s web of deceit and through a thousand cuts are bled dry of their conservative leanings. Dale thrusts his ample, liberal agenda deep within his audience, over and over without mercy. Their muffled cries are never heard by Dale as FM radio is a one-way medium. By the time most have reached their destination, Dale has planted his filthy seed of liberalism deep within them where it clings to the walls of their psyche and grows. In no time another decent person is tricked into  pulling the D lever of the voting booth.

Now is a time for strategy and planning as we prepare to do battle with this monster. Spend time listening to his show but be cautious of his dark magic. Take frequent prayer breaks and come up for a spiritual breath from time to time, but let’s conduct radio reconnaissance on Dale and learn about his strengths and weaknesses. And when the time is right we will call the station manager and file a serious, well documented complaint!


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