Maybe the soul is real

I couldn’t do it. Maintaining a mock Twitter account to play along as a Tea Partier was not sustainable. Reading post after disrespectful post, most aimed at our commander and chief, was truly a glimpse into the worst humanity has to offer. The worst was Michelle Malkin.


I can’t imagine how much she pays for security. It must be a staggering fee. 

It is really disheartening to see so many television show hosts pretend to be journalists and then spin facts into their own political agenda. In some ways it is interesting to watch the internal battles between bloggers and news anchors unfold. Some of the anchors try to hold on to their last shred of integrity, just to have on on air blogger drag the network back into the sewer.

On a positive note the experience has just reinforced my own philosophy. It reminds me that fear really is the mind killer (thanks Frank Herbert!) All of the elements the right is exhibiting can be traced back to fear. Fear of other races and cultures. Fear of losing their jobs and angering the corporate masters. Fear of the unknown and fear of reality. Let’s hope that the Republican party evolves into a party of courage rather than fear.


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